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Winter Solstice Dec 23, 2022

Starstuff by Shivani - Solstice and New Moon in Capricorn December 23, 2022

Serious intentions with a sober mind. It is a lot easier to feel what is real in Capricorn season and that’s a blessing. You might feel a spark in your heart as Jupiter has re-entered Aries and we are officially in a new 12 year cycle. Winter Solstice a couple of days ago marks the darkest day of the year and there is something we are bound to release for good. It probably is a thought, a behavior or a communication pattern that is too much to carry into the future. Many just wanna do things differently. Mercury is in shadow in Capricorn, at the end of the year he turns back to understand what on earth we are supposed to do here, what we are supposed to learn and what to leave behind. We are forced to work hard everyday and reflect at the same time. We are forced to examine what works, and not. Pluto makes the smallest thing blow out of proportion and the coldness of Saturn in Aquarius can make big things small. Whatever side of that spectrum you are on, you probably have another person opposite you. Venus in connection with Uranus helps us to break free from toxic relations and behaviors. But where will you end up, if you let go or leave? Jupiter is in Aries until May and he will make a conjunction with Chiron. Humanity is on a healing journey, every individual is called to stand up for themselves. The tricky part seams to be how we can be totally unique and still feel connected. We need to have patience and compassion with each other. We need to understand that everyone has a wound that needs to be healed. We need to understand that this takes time. We have our feet on earth, and our feet have roots and are connected with all of nature. This is just a moment in time, when ideas and dreams can burst into reality! When tears will flood with both sorrow and joy. When the whole spectrum of life is felt and we can choose what we want to experience. It´s Christmas and for thousands of years humans have celebrated the return of the light. Let´s do that, let’s acknowledge the increasing light, not just from the sun but from each other. And whenever you shine bright you make it easier for another to do the same. May all enjoy the end of this year. Have a blessed Christmas and a Happy New Year! Starry Love Shivani

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