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Solar Eclipse in Scorpio October 25, 2022

Starstuff by Shivani - October 25, 2022

New Moon Solar eclipse in Scorpio conjunct Venus. She is still in the underworld, unseen but very powerful. Freshly kissed by the Sun, they seamed like two lovers walking towards the Sunset, but that was only a glossy surface. Deep down there is a crisis over how we relate to money, power, sex and who is responsible for what. In Pluto realm we are greeted with bare naked confrontational release. Who dares to be without shame in the present moment? Moon will bring in memories that will intensify our passions. Bringing up past hurts is an attack on the heart from behind. How do you navigate guilt trips when you possibly not feeling it? Be careful you’re not playing out the same pattern as the old world wars! Who is willing to lay down the weapon first? What is your core values? Mars at a still stand in Gemini makes action not so obvious. Can we look at what is fair? What will bring balance? Jupiter at 0 degree of Aries is about to take the step back into Pisces. There is a past issue that needs to be resolved before we can move on. And how about the truth? Nobody wins in war. You can’t know the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth, before you have walked in all shoes. Moon brings in our memories of past hurts, will you react the same way? South Node eclipses is like a vacum cleaner, it sucks energy from you. And if you are unprotected you will become depleted. So this is a powerful purge that will be very potent for 6 months ahead. What do you focus on when you loose control? Go slow so you dont walk the wrong way! How do you hold space for someone to take responsibility for their own emotions? How do you mirror projections? Can you find gratitude in the midst of surrender? The cosmic wormhole is open so be mindful of what you are calling in through your thoughts and actions. Focus on your brightest future, sing, dance and play! Please remember, we are just walking each other home. Be kind, be gentle. Be Love! Starblessings Shivani

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