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New Moon in Sagittarius- Nov 23, 2022

Starstuff by Shivani- Nov. 23

New Moon in Sagittarius- the luckiest and most abundant new beginning of 2022. It seams as if Jupiter wants to bless us with the prosperity that we have longed for. After a couple of months retrograde he is stationing almost directly after the Moon births again. Wish upon Jupiter and you shall receive, says the ancient texts. But how does that work for everyone? Can every soul on the planet have their dream come true? What do you believe? What is your truth? Do you live it? The eclipse season is officially over for this time around. What was the Scorpio moon cycle all about? After digging a deep hole into your subconscious, you have to crawl yourself up again. Some will feel very fulfilled- finally you did the hard work, now move on to next step. Some will have come up from the whole only to realize it wasn’t deep enough. There will be those who will stay up and take a well deserved brake before continue the hazardous work to continue digging. And there will be some, who will fall down to the ground and weep over the fact that the digging seams endless. Why does it seam endless? Pluto is still in Capricorn and Mars is still retrograde. For those who are moving on to the next step, feeling super blessed and abundant, look behind you. Maybe there is a friend you can pick up and lend a strong shoulder too. And for those of you who needs to dig deeper, take a paus, inhale your dream that resides deep inside, take rest. You might need to sleep, call a friend, count all the things you are grateful for. Don’t dim your light in depsair. Become the lighthouse that you are! Mars and Jupiter will deliver you more messages, the vision will become clearer. Set a new intention, take one step at a time- fake it until you make it and don’t forget, to wish upon that bright star, Jupiter, oh Jupiter! May you bow in gratitude for this wonderful earth, this wonderful life and all of your relations! Starblessings Shivani

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