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New Moon in Leo 2022

Starstuff by Shivani - July 27, 2022

Our heritage is the foundation of how we come into being and present ourselves to the world. The relationships we are born into is something we didn’t choose. We can choose to ignore one another but once we have met the relationship is already established in our entire being and our subconscious. Who are we when we are separated from others? Who are we when we are in the constant dance towards some kind of unification with someone who can see us, hear us and feel us. Fueled by our burning desire to unite at least with someone during this fickle lifetime. The relationship we humans have with each other can range from being totally immersed, loving compassionate, playful, dedicated and supportive to ignoring, discouragement, gas lightning, competitiveness, authoritarian and passive aggressiveness. Cancer mooncycle marinated us in our deepest and most unconscious relationships with either ourselves or others, and now Leoseason holds energy that will change the course of humanity to it’s core level. New Moon in Leo trine Jupiter is abundantly shining a great light on those who dare to offer their hearts for the good of others. Maybe you need to be saved before you can offer anyone anything, and maybee it is you who needs to save yourself in order to know the recipe for your salvation, your freedom. The shockingly surprising warrior energy comes from the meeting between Mars, Uranus and North node in Taurus. This is big. A once in a lifetime event. This energy can be violent. It can also be enlightening. It comes down to what we need to survive- money, food, land, water, our sovereignty, freedom and most of all, our relationships. What is most important to you? What do you need to survive?`Are we here to feel united and support each other? Or are we here to compare, conquer and kill? With your daily actions what do you support? It is time to walk on earth like lions. With great confident and great purpose and great calm. Stay safe, stay calm stay in love! Starry Love from Shivani

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Starstuff by Shivani- 31 Juli, 2023

Starstuff by Shivani I've read a brilliant review of the movie Oppenheimer that also speaks to the intense astrology we are experiencing right now. Pluto in Capricorn is often called the Lord of Death


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