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Full moon in Gemini Dec 7, 2022

Starstuff by Shivani - December 7, 2022

The full Moon occults Mars in Gemini. Both the Moon and Mars is half way in their cycle with the Sun in Sagittarius. We have two sides of one story. Mars is highlighting something that began in October 2021 in Libra. And now something about that story is about to shift. The moon is highlighting whatever long term goals you have. Again we are triggered to ask ourselves what is true for us. Neptune brings in the spiritual crisis. Everything can seam diffuse and weird and out of alignment. And why does everything takes such a long time? Who am I and what the heck aim I really doing here? Are my actions aligned with my highest truth? And is my highest truth aligned with the higher powers of the Universe? Or am I just a clown in a perfect world? Or is it the reverse? Am I an enlightened being living in an insane world? Big and serious thoughts when Mercury has stepped into Capricorn. He is about to go into shadow and release the trailer of his coming retrograde. Saturn is connected to our long term goals and he is holding a grounding support to both the Moon and Mars. But, you have to own everything about you. Every footprint you leave on this earth. The shadow of Sagittarius is pointing finger and denying everyone else’s truth. Drop the mic and listen. The sign of the twins means you are not alone. How do you take out the things that does not serve your home anymore? Do you curse it all the way to the waste bin? Or do you, like Marie Condo, hold it to your heart, give thanks and then release. The shadow side of Gemini can be fleeting and not well thought through, comments. With Mars in the mix, anger can easily flare up when emotions (moon) are high. Lean in to the higher octave of Sagittarius, your hearts wisdom, receive the blessings of Neptune and Jupiter in Pisces who connects you to your dreams and where you can soothe too harsh boundaries. But please, be careful indulging with mind-altering substances. Balance is required. We all have our individual stories but don’t ever forget we are the children of Mother Earth and the Sun shines on everyone- it doesn’t make choices. Embrace gratitude, polish your pink glasses, point your Sagittarian arrow and shoot your wish to the blinking stars. Enjoy this magical full Moon! Starry Love Shivani

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