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Full Moon in Capricorn 2022

Starstuff by Shivani

WHO´S GOT THE POWER? Over your body, your home and your money? Who is it, that has the power to rule over your legacy, your safety, your freedom and your peace of mind ? The Full Moon in Capricorn is conjunct retrograde Pluto who is playing an old song on repeat. A song we are very well familiar with. Saturn in Aquarius, owns the house in which the song is being played. Something is very apparent. Suddenly you just know what needs to be released. Dr Marc Edmund Jones wrote the Sabian Symbols in Astrology. It is a comprehensive text, for each of the 360 degrees of the zodiac. This is what he writes of the 22nd degree of Capricorn (the Full moon); ”A general accepting defeat gracefully - When positive (expressed), the degree is a genius for learning from experience and transforming setback into accomplishment, and when negative, irresponsible acceptance of the worst and insensibility to self-inadequacy.” Mercury is conjunct the Sun in Cancer squared by Chiron. Listen- insights are on the way that will contribute to your healing your identity! Venus is Squared by Neptune and trine Saturn. Be discerning of how you think about relationships and feel into what is most practical and realistic for the long run. Uranus is sextile to Mercury and Sun. What a great opportunity to change the way you think. New ideas will arise but not necessarily about starting something new just yet. Next two weeks we are re doing the past. Sun and Mercury in Cancer is also connecting our higher mind with our chest and gut. Breathe it. Float with the current wave and make sure you are safe and nurtured. Starry Love Shivani

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Starstuff by Shivani- 31 Juli, 2023

Starstuff by Shivani I've read a brilliant review of the movie Oppenheimer that also speaks to the intense astrology we are experiencing right now. Pluto in Capricorn is often called the Lord of Death


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