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Starstuff - Virgo Full Moon

Starstuff by Shivani - March 18, 2022

Virgo Full Moon 2022 is touching our fate. With the once in a lifetime meeting between Mercury, Sun, Jupiter and Neptune, together in Pisces, inner and outer structures can be dissolved and we can feel our action, or inaction, change the direction of our future. Pisces holds the quality of the watery and receptive side of Jupiter, the ancient ruler of Pisces. Here the ego transcends, but can also get lost in the dream and forget Self responsibility. It is in Pisces we see the martyrs, the artists, the drug addicts, the spiritual teachers, the dreamers and the ones who can think beyond limitations. Einstein was a Pisces. Pluto is shining a supportive sextile to the Sun, something is transforming your dream. Pluto is also part of a Grand Trine with the North Node in Taurus and the Full Moon in Virgo. The transformation you made, has touched your fate and is now culminating in Virgo. In Aquarius, Venus is between Mars and Saturn and applying to a square with Uranus. They have mutual reception which might gift us a quick solution, a sudden change or release of something, in relationships. The Trickster of this Full Moon is Uranus. His sextile with Mercury adds unpredictability, sudden change, genius ideas and release of pressure. This energy will be potent and active for the rest of the year. In two days the Sun will enter Aries and we have the Spring Equinox. The horoscope of the day of balance, between darkness and light, predicts the energies for one year ahead. By that day, the Moon will be at the last degree of Libra. So the Virgo Full Moon asks you to dream of an abundant future with Balance and Harmony, Peace and Love, Equality and the Good health of people, the animals and the planet. Use the effective one pointedness and discerning energy of Virgo to dream up the details so you can feel your dream, blossom from within. Have a blessed Full Moon and Spring Equinox!

Star blessings, Shivani


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