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Starstuff - New Moon in Aries - April 20, 2023

Starstuff by Shivani -April 20, 2023

Mirror mirror on the wall, what do you see? The second New moon in Aries on the anorectic 30th degree gives you another chance to burn down any limiting beliefs you have about yourself, your strength to grow, your unwavering bravery to keep going against all odds and your unique ability to save the world. Because the world needs you. Ever seen a Dandelion grow through concrete? That little fragile flower is connected to Jupiter and the Sun. The ability to grow through concrete comes from the strong, deep and long roots. These roots makes it very difficult to remove Dandelions from the surface. You know who else got strong, deep and long roots? We. Humanity! As the world is rapidly following the Plutonic schedule to complete the full scale destruction of the world as we knew it, we better hold on to our roots! Look in the mirror, because in the beginning of anything, there is you. We have a two week eclipse window that will change all of us on the deepest spiritual level. As most world leaders have their focus on war, profit and laws, billions of people are dying from war, disease and starvation. People don’t have their basic needs met like clean water, toxic free food or affordable housing. And for those who don’t lack that, it is an unprecedented lack of creativity, spirituality and conscious connection with other people. Let’s change this trajectory! Only hours after the eclipse the Sun will move into Taurus and get a square from Pluto, What are you committing too? Mercury is stationing retrograde in Taurus April 21st.

We are in for a thorough declaration on all our basic human needs. Taurus is also about earth, food, money, sensuality and practicality. One question to ask yourself; If you had the perfect soil, what seed would you plant? See you in the earth realm! Starry Blessings Shivani

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Starstuff by Shivani- 31 Juli, 2023

Starstuff by Shivani I've read a brilliant review of the movie Oppenheimer that also speaks to the intense astrology we are experiencing right now. Pluto in Capricorn is often called the Lord of Death


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