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Starstuff March 7 2023

Full Moon in Virgo March 7, 2023

Moon becomes full in Virgo just moments before Saturn steps into Pisces, back after 27 years. Move a mountain in the ocean and you might create a tsunami. The waves will most definitely be felt as Mothering Moon is quite alone on her side of the chart. What we feel we need to care for, and be, and do, might not be so easy because suddenly our view is panoramic. Good energy to feng shui whatever does not belong in your house, your body and your relationships. Less is Moore is a good mantra in Pisces. Another good way to deal with serious Piscean energy, is to take care of your self. Virgo moon will remind you the need of a good health routine, and Saturn will make it happen. And yes, your dreams can become your reality. Yeeees, it is true- go for it!! But don’t believe it takes just an affirmation or two to make it happen, or a song circle (even though those are very important and nice!!) Saturn will demand you to become serious about your dreams, set up a structure and work hard. The Piscean way is to figure out what your specific needs are, what structures you can work under and them apply them. We are all different! Find out what works for you. As much as it is important to work hard, it is also crucial to dream hard. Haha, dream hard- I mean, have those dreamy moments on schedule. Those places where you nurture yourself after way too much influence of the world. Where your inner voice can whisper and be heard. Where your body can navigate you into more health. Virgo moon wants to be in service. All present energy in Pisces too, and with Saturn we do service with healthy boundaries between me and you. You got it? Yeah, you got it! Have a blessed three years of manifesting your wildest, most loving and healing dreams on this wild planet. You are needed! See you out there! Tons of Saturnian and Neptunian blessings! Starry Love Shivani

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