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Starstuff by Shivani - Full Moon in Libra

Starstuff by Shivani - April 6, 2023 Full Moon in Libra. Let’s talk about friends, lovers, family, neighbors and co-workers. Let’s talk about the judge, the prosecuted, marriages, parents, relatives, open enemies and the society. Let’s weigh me vs we, friend vs enemy, the poor one vs the rich one, people pleasing vs no pleasing. Mirror, mirror on the wall: What is the biggest shadow of all? Are you angry at people who say no, cause you are not able to? Sun conjunct Chiron. Do you help people without asking their needs and then call them ungrateful? Mars in Cancer. Are you seeking freedom cause you don’t want to take responsibility over you life? Pluto in Aquarius. There is a tension rooted in our deep subconscious memories that’s disturbing our actions. Pluto square the Nodes. The burden of our heritage is too heavy to carry forward. All planets are direct for another week and if you feel that you have not been as productive as you wished, look at your actions. Are you bitter, cause you suddenly realized your actions is owned by someone else? Discern what’s your’s and what’s not. Saturn in Pisces is giving us the ultimate test of separating our emotions with our action! Mercury in Taurus is getting ready for his retrograde, he makes your mind practical and he wonders; where did the money come from? And where is it going? What is the most valuable thing in life? What is worth holding on to when everything is transforming? Pluto is bringing new high tech waves to surf. What does it mean to be human? Does your birthright include that you can make choices for your self? Or do you have to elect someone to choose for you? Who is in charge? If you feel that you are in charge of your life, then what do you want to do? We have a second new Moon, Solar eclipse coming up April 20th, day after, Mercury will retrograde. Let the messages of this Libra full Moon help you prioritize and fine tune your intentions- for your life, the world, all your relationships and the 7 generations to come! And please don’t break your back, tuck your chin in or hurt your heart! Take care of your body! Inhale, Exhale and Relax, Together, we got this! Star Blessings and so much LOVE Shivani🙏🌕♎️☯️🌍❤️☮️

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Starstuff by Shivani- 31 Juli, 2023

Starstuff by Shivani I've read a brilliant review of the movie Oppenheimer that also speaks to the intense astrology we are experiencing right now. Pluto in Capricorn is often called the Lord of Death


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