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Spring Equinox 2021

Starstuff by Shivani ✹

Equinox 2021 🌞

It always amazes me what the planets can trigger in our lives, both privately and as a collective. As the first sun rays of the sun peeped up over the horizon this morning I was standing, inside an ancient Solar clock, together with a group of people with drums and rattles to greet the New Astrological Year, which happens every year when the sun enters the first sign of the zodiac, Aries. This is the first equinox in the New cycle of Saturn and Jupiter that was initiated at the recent Solstice in December. The days are getting longer in the Northern Hemisphere and we are entering the Masculine Solar part of the Year. The Equinox is inviting all of us to make space for our truest, honest and most authentic selfs to be in the world as we are ment to be, in this life. There is a healing theme in the air. I belive we all have a significant Soul purpose when we arrive in our bodies to this blue pearl in our galaxy. And that it is our inherited meaning to find out what that purpose is. The Stars are wandering on our galactic map, that is guiding us individually and as a collective. In my own horoscope, the North node in Gemini is aligning with the Ascendent and Saturn and as the Sun is making its return in my horoscope, making this beautiful day my birthday I feel called to present myself to the audience. My name is Shivani and not only am I a total geek when it comes to tracking the positions of the stars I am also a lover of magic and mysteries, anything that connects me, reminds me and surprises me with the divine presence of pure consciousness. I am invited to share my Starstuff at Caeleste which also shares heavenly and supernatural things and matters. If you have any questions regarding astrology, feel free to post them below. I am happy to be here and wishing you all a beautiful, magical, powerful new year!






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