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Pisces Full Moon September 10, 2022

Starstuff by Shivani - Pisces Full moon

What does your deepest dream whisper? The Full Moon in Pisces will bring it to your awareness. And please, be alert- Mercury is still and brings a lot of noise as he steps backwards looking for clues on how you can live your spiritual truth amongst the people of the world. The world is desperately seeking for its soul. And for those who believe that other souls are more significant, more authoritarian than your own unique self, will feel even more lost as no one except for you, can know your deepest truth. This moon shines the light on all of our relations. And prepares us for autumn equinox. This is the time we prolong and preserve the golden harvest and prepare to receive our past actions. Because isn’t it so? winter is a great reminder of what we truly have collected through the times before. This is inner work, as most of the planets are retracing back to what has already been. The path of Fortune lies with our destined transformation of how we receive our basic needs, of how we preserve our gifted seeds and how we share our hearts. Is our natural and inherited love for all forever lost? Spend time with our children, nurture our animals, pray for our earth. And breathe together with those around you. You will find the whole world and so much more in your local community, and that’s where the change starts. Let all your positive changes ripple out in to the big wide world. Looking forward to feel your ripples! Neptune have the power to erase boundaries, use it wisely and Have a dreamy Full moon! Starblessings Shivani

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