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New Moon in Virgo 2022

Starsfuff By Shivani August 28, 2022

Being annoyed over differences and then striving to be accommodating at the same time demands playful, curious and grounded actions. The New moon in Virgo brings inner tension. Mars in Gemini is forcefully exploring all options while trying to connect harmoniously with others. Be careful trying to control what is obviously out of your control. Like that mountain you are climbing, you can’t change the mountain, but you can change how you approach it. Mercury the ruler over this moon, is in shadow. So be prepared to climb over things more than twice. A note: One year ago Mercury was retrograde in Libra so it might feel like you have to deal with last years business. Venus in Leo is activating a T-Square with Uranus and Saturn. We know very well what needs to be resolved once and for all. A couple of days ago, Uranus stationed retrograde on 18 degrees in Taurus. He will retrograde back to 14 degrees and going over themes that started in July 2021. That was when the second square happened with Saturn. Saturn is holding on to what we know about the world and our place in it. Uranus is bringing in that we have not yet seen. It’s like building something with your eyes closed. Uranus is in Taurus- when in doubt, move towards what feels good in your body, what nourishes you and what will last for a long time. Dealing with others while being your authentic, playful and vulnerable self is not easy. But if we can relate to each person and recognize ourselves in them, it is easy to open our hearts. It is in these moments we feel and understand the importance of unity. How can you serve yourself and others at the same time? How can you make choices without anyone involved loosing? Virgo energy is mutable earth, it is here we can mold the earth to perfection. But ask yourself; what is perfect to you? vs. what is perfect to someone else? Practice perfecting your daily activities, so you can be in service in a grounded and practical way, that suits everyone. While you are finding new routes over your mountain, do not forget to stop and look at the view, every single day, and you will see that the journey itself is always brighter than the destination. So Much Starry Love your Way! Shivani

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