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New Moon in Pisces - March 13, 2021

Uppdaterat: 19 aug. 2022

Star stuff by Shivani 🌙

The New Moon in Pisces on March 13, 2021 initiates a brand new energy.

A magical and dreamy sky is gathering the forward motion of our visions and dreams for our common future. Mars is running our thoughts to action in Gemini. The transformation has been deep, different and somewhat slow. Our slow actions have moved walls and opened us up to a brand new viewpoint. We are in the middle of the past and present, in a boundless abyss who is slowly taking us to the shore of no mans land. We start to feel a stable and grounded support as we build our foundation, step by step. Venus and Neptune in Pisces pull us into the underworld where symbols and signs connect our dreams to the reality we experience. We might get caught in fantasies (Neptune), lively discussions (Mars), and ungrounded longing for that which we can not see (Mercury). What ideal motivates you? Release what you don’t want to see, when the lights get brighter. It’s time for your yearly detox. How do you feel? What do you want to feel? How can you support and nourish your body, mind and soul? It is time to prepare yourself to make room in the world for you, just like you are. This is our collective healing (Chiron in Aries). The rebirth of our self identity. Expand your inner realm during this new moon. Gather your spiritual insights. Be creative, start a new spiritual practice, connect with mother Gaia, Find your favorite plant medicin, Activate your energy on the inside and your world will change and flow. Start something new, something in no time; sometimes the shortest and easiest practice becomes the most valuable, because it quickly can become a habit. Honor the cycles of your body, your energy levels and your emotions. We are magical beings that can manifest our clear intentions to reality, when we are grounded and in contact with our purpose in life. When the sun enters Aries on March 20, the light is taking over. This will spark your passion and bring connection to your souls purpose. What makes you feel beautiful? Celebrate the beauty of life, by celebrating you.

Blessings on this New Moon in Pisces!

Art by Hilma Af Klint

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