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New Moon in Cancer 2022

Starstuff by Shivani - June 29, 2022

New Moon in Cancer is bright and hot as she is getting married with the Solstice Sun. She is home, she is nurturing and she is caretaking. She is dressed in fortune and gifts us with abundance…or? When Light is bright, shadows are dark and sharp.And shadows are likely to show up when we feel the pressure of todays different aspects. Black Moon Lilith co present with the Moon indicates that our deepest and hidden wounds can bubble up to the surface. Are you feeling unsafe? Is being nurtured and feeling seen a topic in your relations? Who is responsible for your bursting emotions? Or is it someone else who wants you to be responsible for how they feel? Pluto squaring Mars and Eris in Aries is a warlike powerstruggle over your authenticity. Can you be who you are in all your relationships? The square from Jupiter reminds us of the relationship we have with government, the law, our father and the teacher. Are you free to be who you are and can you take care and nurture yourself the way you want to? The medicine for the coming months is to know what you need to feel nurtured and safe and make sure you take care of you. Take a moment to relate with our collective cancerian wound, of abandonment and feeling unsafe. Forgive yourself and others for all the misunderstandings from the past. How can we become one while still shine our individual authentic expression? Loom at nature! Dont forget to merge with the abundance of the earth, jump into the water and smell the flowers! Have a blessed New Moon! Starry Love Shivani

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