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New Moon in Aries

Starstuff by Shivani - April 1, 2022

The new Moon in Aries conjunct Mercury and Chiron gives us a deep understanding of our inherited wound. The ruler of this Moon cycle is Mars, who is heading towards a very volatile meeting with Saturn in a few days. Oh, this energy is felt, seen and heard already. Juno is also present in this meeting, telling us that this concerns relationships, long term and marriage and they all square the Nodes of Fate. Relationships are in for some serious fight, or maybe someone is having fear of fighting. You might experience a driving force that gets stopped or cut off. It is a competitive aggressiveness where pessimism, alienation, obsession and punishment can show up. And then we have Jupiter moving closer to the meeting with Neptune in Pisces. On one side all your limitations can dissolve. But what about that healing that Chiron reminds us off? Where is it that you need to leave the comfort zone so that you are able to shine your true light in relationships and out in he world? The full moon in Libra in two weeks will shine the light on death and rebirth in relationships. It is now you plant the seeds. The cardinal energy of Aries pushes you to take the first step towards a new horizon. Sun rules the heart, Aries rules the head, Mars rules your gut. Make that connection within and use the powerful energy of Neptune and Jupiter to dream without limits. Embrace Chiron by being present with what hurts, let it be loved, let it have a purpose and use it for the good of yourself and others

Starblessings, Shivani



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