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Full Moon in Libra

Uppdaterat: 19 aug. 2022

Starstuff by Shivani ✨

Dear Souls, put your hand on your heart in loving embrace of who you truly are. This is the moment to remember your pure essence. The Moonlight is coming from the Sun in Aries, our personal goal, our ambition and the beauty that lights up our path. The Sun is together with Venus, who is birthing a new way for us to relate with others. She is still in the underworld, newly born, this is a time for her integration. She is slowly rising but wont be seen until the Month of May. And in between the Sun and Venus is Chiron, the shaman in the sky. Chiron carries the key to our soul, our healing of the self. The opposition between Moon and Sun has two wings on either side. In Gemini we find Mars together with the North Node who gives us access to future thinking. On the other wing, in Capricorn, we have Saturn who gives stability and meaning to our individual self in the world. Mercury, our intellect, in Pisces swims in the eternal, boundless ocean of Neptune. Its almost as if Mercury told Mars to orbit out of bounds and move to territory we have not yet imagined. When Mars is together with the North Node he is naturally opposite the South Node in Sagitarius. What has been true might not be anymore. Karmic relations and ideals might fall away. The sky is forming a kite. In the front of the kite, is Aries, your Self representing the potent healing of you, your identity, your heart, your mind, your eyes and your gut. Take care of yourself during this transformation. This energy will be potent for the next couple of days. Support your digestion in all ways possible with healing plant medicine, clear your inner sight through meditation and lucid dreaming. Your mind is invited by Mercury and Neptune to leave the practicality, the planning and structured information aside to experience the boundless, formless mind, where dreams can inspire and confirm the realties that are not yet manifested. Ground yourself, feel the feet on the earth from where you are standing now. You are not more efficient when you let your mind travel ahead. Be here now, take one step at the time. It all starts within you.

Happy Full moon in Libra! @caelestebeauty

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