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Full Moon in Leo Feb 5, 2023

Starstuff by Shivani Februari 5th, 2023

Pour your heart out, Be your Self, Don’t be so serious- the Full Moon is in Leo- This is where you, in the middle of winter, find that warm place that makes you aware of what you really enjoy, what you really need and want more of. It is in Leo that you invest time, love and money so that you can enjoy the heart space where play and creativity flourish. It can be your job, your partner, your children, your friends or just your home. What is worth investing in? Whatever it is- it comes with some kind of expectation. And when that expectation is having Uranus in Taurus around and suddenly we experience instability, surprises, break downs in an area where we expect things to nourish us and be pleasant. Pluto and Saturn is about to shift areas in the sky. We are now in the final test. Uranus will surprise us in some way. It might be the urge to break free from some routine, way of thinking or way of handling money. Where did the fun go? Are we only here to survive? Can’t we just enjoy ourselves just a little bit? Venus is perfecting a square to Mars. Some relations gets erased and others gets transformed. More trust, more warmth, more heart. This Moon in Leo is very significant for the whole year. Some of you will have the time of your life co creating heart warm spaces for healing of Self. While others will feel devastation, as the lack of stability will make you feel that something is so wrong with you. Let´s remind each other that it is very difficult to be different in this world, to live outside the norm and think outside the box. It can feel lonely and scary if you feel that you are not loved and seen. The Lion has a lot to teach us. To be a majestic, proud, confident and a strong individual while at the same time belong to a tribe where all is respected and honored just as they are. As people, we need to understand what it is that our hearts need, to stay open. The time is Now! We are here to co create spaces where we feel safe, open and loved. We are alive to thrive! Let’s enjoy! Starry blessings to all of you! Much Love Shivani

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