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Aquarius New Moon Jan 21, 2023

Starstuff by Shivani, Aquarius New Moon- January 21, 2023

Have humanity become corporality? Are we on our way to create a future where Human Kind is nowhere to be found? These are questions that might arise during this Lunar cycle in Aquarius. The first New Moon of the Year just had a meeting with Pluto, Lord of the underworld. Together with Mars, they are the hosts of the South node- our karma, past and unconscious mind in Scorpio, an area where we can sabotage for our selves and others. This energy is intensely breaking our world apart to release the toxicity in the human consciousness. We are all going to release, not just a few, because we are all part of the toxicity. This is hard to admit to most, but when we refuse to look at our own footprint in the world, the toxicity will literally come out of our mouths. Mercury and Mars are Direct, both still at 8° forcing us to have a good look at our values, in relationships, with money and our basic needs. When the world chocks you with events that you can’t control, will your values stay the same? Uranus is still waiting to turn direct - he rules this cycle together with Saturn who is getting a visit from Venus. Mercury is approaching a square with Chiron.

Healing of the individual Self activated. It’s time to make a decision. What are you doing in the world? Artist, healers, light workers, writers, nature medicin people, coaches, energy healers, mystics, shamans, sound healers , astrologers and everyone that is offering a heart based healing. Now is the time, turn up your light! We are bound to get a Uranus chock and realize some relationships got to go and some needs renovation. Relationships are key in the future. You won’t make it alone. Air is the future. Air relates to the heart chakra. We are moving towards the way of the heart. What does that mean to you? Be it, Live it, Share it!! As all plantes will pick up speed next week, so will the world. This is a great opportunity to change your life in flow. Change your life so it becomes exactly how you want it, to the minute. Keywords for this month. Stay in the Heart, Stay Flexible, Stay Free, Stay Human and Stay in Love Shivani

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